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Can you give some examples of how to give a guest a magical time in merchandise? I'm not exactly sure what all you guys are able to do so I'm not really sure what to say if I'm asked that!

Oh my goodness there are sooo many things you can do! A lot of magical moments vary depending on your location and what you have access to, but the easiest (and my favorite) magical moments are with buttons. A bunch of people don’t even know buttons are a thing and they can really brighten up someone’s day. I know working at the Space Mountain Arcade, I would talk to a lot of people of all ages who would tell me it was their first time on Space Mountain, so I would make a big deal out of it, ask them how they liked it and make them a “I conquered Space Mountain”. Luckily, a lot of merchandise locations are attached to attractions so that could be one thing you would mention. 

I know there are others such as giving a family a free photo or a no strings for a fastpass or another item, but those magical moments have limitations depending on your leaders. I think for your phone interview, the example with buttons will be the best because they are a well known (free!) item that Disney fans know, but something that a new guest may not know about. Buttons are a fantastic way to interact with guests and get to know them, and they make a great memory keepsake. 

Let me know if you have any other questions! Followers, feel free to contribute to this ask by adding magical moment ideas!








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